Macedonia Naming Controversy

In this video I attempted to explain the incredibly complex and surprisingly controversial topic of the naming dispute between Greece, and the country that wished to call itself the "Republic of Macedonia", claiming that the name implies territorial ambitions upon its region, also called Macedonia. I look at the ancient kingdom of Macedonia, where the name comes from and briefly look at the history of the Balkans and how we arrived at this situation, which became an issue in 1991 when the country declared its independence. More than a quarter of a century later and this dispute remains unsolved. Well, the main problem here, and the one that is not so discussed I am afraid, is NOT the name, but the "ethnicity" and the "language". Greece will never agree for a name change which does not include the accordingly ethnicity and language characterization change. Also, be aware of the disturbed version of history FYROM promotes in their schools as a concrete piece of evidence for territorial ambitions. They need to gain an ethnicity identification and the clearly cheat one of Greeks by altering the recorded history... So, it is quite obvious, in this perspective, why Greece will not accept any identification of the ethnicity and language of the people of FYROM as "macedonic". NO MATTER WHAT.HeliasValenti