Macron leads the effort of the Western neocolonialists to make a deal on looting Libya's resources

28 July, 2017 globinfo freexchange Here what's one of the primary priorities of the new golden boy of the neoliberal establishment. Emmanuel Macron met with Libya's two main rival leaders, presumably to achieve a piece deal so that the Western vultures could start looting the rich Libyan resources in an environment of 'peace and stability'. From Guardian: Libya’s two main rival leaders have agreed to call a ceasefire and hold elections early next year after a meeting in Paris hosted by the French president, Emmanuel Macron. Macron said Libya’s UN-backed prime minister, Fayez al-Sarraj, and Khalifa Haftar – the military strongman whose forces control large tracts of land in the east of the country – had displayed “historic courage” at the talks outside Paris on Tuesday. “The cause of peace has made great progress today,” declared Macron at the end of the talks. [...] The communique says the two leaders accept that only a political solution can end the crisis, and calls for all militia to be brought under the reins of a national army under political control. “We commit to a ceasefire and to refrain from any use of armed force for any purpose that does not strictly constitute counter-terrorism”, the document says. [...] A rival administration based in Libya’s remote east – with which Haftar is allied – has refused to recognise Sarraj’s government, and blocked the House of Representatives from being quorate. On the face of it, the Paris deal offers more to Haftar than Serraj. Most western capitals have been reluctant to give Haftar any political role save as defence minister in a Sarraj-led government, but the territorial gains of his forces have made that an increasingly untenable position. Haftar’s eastern army has won a string of victories that has left it controlling two thirds of the country, including key oil ports and Benghazi, the country’s eastern capital. The general has already declared his intention to capture Tripoli by the end of the year. [...] Haftar is backed by Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and the bulk of the French military, but has shown little commitment to power sharing and has been accused of human rights violations in capturing Benghazi. According to some information, “critics regard Sarraj as a politician imposed by foreign powers”. If you wonder how the man that took part in the coup that brought Gaddafi to power in 1969, still enjoys some Western support against the UN-backed Fayez al-Sarraj, just take a look at Wikipedia and the mystery will be instantly solved: In 1987, he [Khalifa Haftar] became a prisoner of war during the war against Chad after being lulled into a trap and captured, then a major embarrassment for Gaddafi and represented a major blow to Gaddafi's ambitions in Chad. While held prisoner, he and his fellow officers formed a group hoping to overthrow Gaddafi. He was released around 1990 in a deal with the United States government and spent nearly two decades in the Langley, Virginia, United States, gaining U.S. citizenship. Haftar lived comfortably in Virginia, relatively close to CIA headquarters, from the early 1990s until 2011. In 1993, while living in the United States, he was convicted in absentia of crimes against the Jamahiriya and sentenced to death. [...] By 1988, Haftar had aligned himself with the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, a U.S. supported opposition group. When U.S. financial aid to Zaire was not forthcoming, Zaire expelled the remainder to Kenya. Kenya only provided temporary residence, and the American CIA negotiated a settlement around 1990, enabling Heftar and 300 of his soldiers to move to the United States under the U.S. refugee programme. In March 1996, Haftar took part in a failed uprising against Gaddafi in the mountains of eastern Libya, before returning to the U.S. Haftar moved to suburban Virginia outside Washington, D.C., living in Falls Church until 2007. He then moved to Vienna, Virginia. No doubt that Haftar is CIA's agent in Libya and therefore, no one can touch him. It is obvious that the French have been compromised with the other Western neocolonialists, although as appeared in Clinton emails brought to light by WikiLeaks, the French wanted exclusively the rich Libyan resources and the Americans were dissatisfied with this situation. Finally, both the Americans and the British joined the race and the Italians also made an attempt to take a piece. It appears that the Italians "invested" on Libyan PMs since the time of Ali Zeidan (or Zidan). In the letter above concerning Italy, Paolo Scaroni, CEO of the Italian oil firm ENI, was extremely anxious to develop a new, special relationship with the post-revolutionary Libyan government and intended to gain an advantage on other Western firms looking to do business in the country. Scaroni had the full backing of the Italian government in this matter, under Mario Monti, the puppet technocrat who replaced the democratically elected, Silvio Berlusconi, through an ECB silent coup. Early this year, Reuters reported that “Prime Minister Fayez al-Seraj flew to Rome from Brussels on the eve of an EU summit in Malta to sign a memorandum of understanding with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. The agreement aims mainly at providing training and equipment needed to better control Libya's vast, desert borders and bolster its limited coast guard fleet.” Obviously, the Western vultures are trying to take the best positions right before the beginning of Libya's final looting, in order to take the best pieces possible. Read also: The ruthless neo-colonialists of 21st century FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestShare Posted by system failure due to insufficient evolution? Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest

L'impossible révolte des peuples d'occident.


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L'argent dirige le monde... Mais qui dirige l argent ?

Slavery by Consent - Part 5 - Usury

The international usurers return to the crime scene called Greece!

26 July, 2017 globinfo freexchange The paranoia we live in, seems to have no limits. The international usurers, some of the largest vampire banks that drink the blood of societies, are returning to the crime scene called Greece. The country that has been destroyed by the memorandums, 'begged' for some money from the parasites of the global financial mafia, with the usurious 4.6% interest rate! Yet, the country was sacrificed to rescue some of these parasites, while others have played a dirty role in leading Greece to bankruptcy! Thus, the international usurers will make even more money over the Greek corpse, and the 'leftist' government has celebrated the fact much more than the local neoliberal regime! At the same time, the top executive of the European Financial Dictatorship, Pierre Moscovici, launched the usual indirect threat, not only against Greece, but also against Europe, saying that “Confidence in Greece is really coming back, but we need to continue the good work. We need to be on the bicycle, and to keep on pedalling. That's the case for Europe, as a whole. If you don't go that way, that bicycle falls.” By now, we already know what that means. Further measures, new memorandums, further cuts, further sell-off of public property, until the final completion of the Greek experiment and its implementation throughout eurozone. And the obvious, big question comes next: isn't the purpose of Greece's return to the markets, even with such usurious interest rates, to be liberated from the ECB dictatorship and therefore, from the catastrophic memorandums? And the obvious answer is that these so-called 'invisible markets' that operate independently, is one of the biggest fairy tales manufactured by the neoliberal ideology to manipulate the masses. Moscovici's statements were made in full synchronization with this very expensive return to the markets for Greece, so that the neoliberal priesthood be sure that the country will receive the message: memorandums and suffocating scrutiny are not over! This means that the global financial mafia operated in full coordination with the executives of the European Financial Dictatorship. As expected, the global media of the neoliberal regime celebrated another totally fake 'success story', like the one of Samaras administration back in 2014. As you see, this is another great performance staged by the regime, in order to achieve the consent of the Greek society (and others) towards their definite surrender to the memorandums of destruction. FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestShare by system failure due to insufficient evolution?

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Dette crise chômage qui crée l'argent ..

"Des banques sauvées. Le patient (bientôt) mort !"

24 juillet 2017 - Réseau International ! Partager la publication "Des banques sauvées. Le patient (bientôt) mort !" Depuis la crise de la dette nationale grecque, qui est devenue publique en 2010 et qui jusqu’à présent n’est pas résolue, l’économie de la Grèce a baissé d’un quart. Cela malgré le troisième programme d’ajustement économique du « Mécanisme européen de stabilité » d’un montant de 248 milliards d’euros. Selon l’expert financier Marc Friedrich 90% de ces disponibilités ne sont jamais arrivées, sinon le chômage des jeunes ne dépasserait pas comme actuellement les 50%. L’argent a reflué vers des instituts financiers à Francfort, à Paris et à Londres et a sauvé ces banques et l’euro de la faillite. Dans une interview Marc Friedrich a dit : « … et c’est un scandale en soi que nous essayions en fait toujours de sauver le patient, en ce cas la Grèce, par les mêmes médicaments qui ont échoué, c’est-à-dire par le médicament « Sauver les banques ». Mais dans ce cas la Banque centrale européenne (BCE), la Troïka (c’est-à-dire la coopération de la Banque centrale européenne, du Fonds Monétaire international et de la Commission européenne) et les responsables à Bruxelles et à Berlin continuent à essayer de retaper le patient avec le même remède qui a échoué, et ce jusqu’à ce que le patient tombe vraiment raide mort. » Dans cette situation les responsables devraient être à l’écoute du journaliste suisse Ernst Reinhardt, je cite : « Celui qui est grand, c’est celui qui commande mais qui se laisse quand même dire quelque chose. » source: Partager la publication "Des banques sauvées. Le patient (bientôt) mort !"