The wealth of the country was stolen under the EU flag

President of Moldova Igor Dodon: The wealth of the country was stolen under the EU flag Friday, July 14, 2017 According to the Moldovan head of state, Western countries have supported the government in looting and pillaging the wealth of the country in order to preserve their influence in the region. Corruption was the basis of Moldova's EU-politics. Western countries also backed the government of Moldova in a financial and "geopolitical" sense, despite being aware of government officials' corrupt practices - doing all this to preserve their control over the country preventing Russian influence from expanding into the region, said Igor Dodon to an Italian TV channel. The West was proud of the fact that the Moldovan government called itself European. Western politicians have lost sight of everything that has happened here - and above all the fact that the EU money has been stolen. By referring themselves as European, government officials have also blackmailed the West - if you do not look the another way until the institutionalized robbery of the country completed, the Russians will come and take your place. The head of state added that, despite the financial support provided for eight years, since the signing of the Association Agreement, the Moldovan people's confidence in the European Union has collapsed. During those years, people watched helplessly as corrupt politicians robbing the country under the EU flag. Then they started asking questions: why should we support the EU when the EU supports these criminals? Dodon said. During the 2016 election campaign the head of state stressed that Moldova should restore strategic partnership with Russia, reconquer the Russian market and normalize cooperation with Russia in the energy sector. (Note: The usual suspects deployed a very well-tested and effective strategy in Moldova as well; it worked miracles in the rest of eastern Europe a few decades earlier when it was their turn to be robbed.) ( – BY HUNGARIANAMBIANCE